No one wants have them, but problems do arise with sprinkler systems.  Sometimes our controllers or solenoids wear out, or maybe you can't get your sprinklers to shut off.  Give us a call and we'd love to help you out.

If you are experiencing problems with a pump off of the lake you can call  Tom with Amped Pump and Control @ 208-610-6476.


Professional Lawn Care 

​Sprinkler turn-on

Winter can be hard on sprinkler systems, even with proper winterization, sprinklers can get damaged from plowing or snowblowing.  We ensure that all of your heads are working properly and that all of the solenoids are operating as they should.  We set up your timer as part of this service.  If things aren’t working properly we carry a good selection of parts to get it repaired quickly.

​Sprinkler blow out/winterization

When the temperatures start cooling down we have you covered.  Beginning the first week of October we begin winterizing systems.  This is a good time to notice leaks in the system, or a loose fitting.

​Common upgrades

Maybe your sprinkler system isn't working as well as you'd like.  Upgrading your controller or installing a rain sensor can help.   Hunters new wi-fi controllers connect to weather stations around the area to adjust settings so you don't have to.  Ask us what's right for you.


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