Mid Level 

Our most popular program consists of 4 treatments.  Spring, early summer, late summer and fall.  


Serving Hope, Kootenai, Ponderay, Sandpoint, Sagle, Dover

Our weed and feed programs listed below all contain specialized fertilizer blends based on our area and growing conditions.   

Monthly sprays

We offer monthly spot treat programs for both beds, fence lines, gravel driveways, storage areas, walkways or concrete services.


Our deluxe program consists of 6 treatments 2 of which are a pre emergent to help stop weeds before they start. 

Noxious weed sprays

If your lawn is getting crowded out with weeds you don't recognize, give us a call.  You may have an issue with some of the noxious weeds that are prevalent in the area, such as hawk weed, plantain, or thistle.  Some of these weeds take several treatments to get under control.

For more info on these programs or to customize your program please call or email us at

208-255-8093 or sandpointlawnandsprinklers.com

Professional Lawn Care 


Our basic program consists of 3 treatments.  Spring, summer and fall.  

Fertilizer and Weed Control 

We offer programs for almost any budget and if you compare the cost of the box store weed and feeds you will see why it makes sense to have a professional company do it for you. If your lawn isn't in the best of shape you may think about pairing this service with aeration or power raking.  

Shrub Bed Programs

Protect your investment with our shrub bed programs.  We apply a pre-emergent to help keep weeds from coming in and follow up 4 spot sprays.  This program works best for new landscapes or newly renovated beds.


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